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Good Times QMA along with the Calfornia Monza committee proudly announce that the oldest running series in the State of California will continue in 2009. The series will be one of the most unique in quarter midget racing. The series will consist of three legs all hosted by Good Times QMA in Madera, California. What makes this series so unique is that it consists of two prestigous record breaker races sandwiched around a tribute to a guy that has given alot and meant alot ot QMA and the sport of quarter midget racing. The racing format will be the traditional monza format but each event will have its own qualifying procedure. The opening leg of the series will be the annual Galante Memorial Record Breaker March 21-22. The middle leg will be the inaugural Jerry Mostek Classic June 13-14 and the finally will be the prestigous Ernie Bose Record Breaker, October 3-4 that is moving to Good Times to honor the QMA Hall of Fame member. Both record Breaker races will have their same qualifying format that they used in the past and award jackets for event track records as well as award Monza Race trophies. There will be season ending awards for the monza series as documented in the 2009 Monza Rules on the Good Times QMA website. For more information on the monza and Good Times, please reference
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