The Ernie Bose World Record Race was held under the California Sunshine in November 2009. Over 50 cars waited their turn to take a maximum 3 laps on the clock. Saturday cars turned laps on the track for over 9 hours before choosing, what they thought would be the best time of the day. Every track record was set on Hoosier Tires!

Victory Lane Ceremonies were complete with USAC Officials, Kevin Miller, President, Jason Smith VP of Operations and USAC National Sprint Car Champion, Levi Jones, awarding the drivers with Hoosier Collars, Fast Time Clocks and USAC Medallions, just like the one that USAC Oval Nationals Champion, Damian Gardner won on Saturday night at Perris Auto Speedway.

Other USAC officials present were Rick and Denise Thomason, Eric and Dannette Rankine, along with Tech Master, Mike "Magic Shoes" McCluney and Dave Lewis, led by James Spink, Developmental Director, By 3 pm participants were packing up and heading back home.

The Orange Show complex is a superb facility for Quarter Midget Racing. The club had a big screen where handlers could watch times from transponders as their drivers recorded laps.

Driver's came from as far as Billings, Montana and Phoenix, Arizona. Dylan Walker traveled the farthest. Not only did he trophy, but he also won the very special NASCAR drivers, autographed helmet in the raffle. Also raffled were stickers from the new graphix company led by Chris and Danny Hendrick. (951) 551-7292

Hoosier Tire West sponsored the red Ernie Bose World Record Race jackets.

Coast 2 Coast Racing News was there taking photographs. Sign up to get your copy.

Hvy Honda - Tylar Herron 5.5410, Sr Stock - Cole Custer 5.0240, Lt Mod - Dylan Attridge 4.9770, Lt World Formula - Cole Custer 5.1090, Hvy 'AA - Austin Reay 4.9060, Hvy 'B - Brayden Trigueiro 5.0110, Hvy Mod - Brayden Trigueiro 5.0870, Lt 160 - Dylan Attridge 5.0640, Hvy 160 - Molly Putnam 5.2890, Lt 'B - Bryant Dawson - 4.7870, Lt 'AA - Keith Zimmerman - 4.6780, Jr Stock - Courtney Crone 5.2020, Sr Honda - Jaydon Schafer 5.3140, Hvy World Formula - Dylan Walker 5.0690, Jr Half - Christine Breckenridge 5.0740, Sr Half - Sal Rose, Sr 5.3610, Jr Rookie- Noah Reyes 6.5490, Sr Rookie - Tiffany Rose 5.6630, Jr Honda - Courtney Crone 5.6330 (Results)
NC Chassis won 5 of the 19 classes and Hawkins Engines with 4.

2009 Ernie Bose World Record Winners

Jr. Rookie 
1. Zachary Scarberry 
2. Joel Rayborne 
3. Dominic Del Monte 
4. Noah Reyes dnf 
Fast Time - Noah Reyes 6.549 
Sr. Rookie 
1. Tiffany Rose 
2. Ryan Rayborne 
3. Jeremy Doty 
4. John Navarro 
5. Taylor Lynch 
Fast Time - Tiffany Rose 5.6630 
Jr. Honda 
1. James Turnbull 
2. Dean Thompson 
3. Eric Greco 
4. Logan Shafer 
5. Anthony Doty 
6. Courtney Crone 
7. Luke Attridge dnf 
Fast Time – Courtney Crone 5.6330 
Sr. Honda 
1. Jaydon Shafer 
2. Skyler Dale 
3. Cody LeMere 
4. Bradon Schulhof dnf 
5. Clayton Ruston dnf 
Fast Time – Jaydon Shafer 5.3140 
Hvy Honda 
1. Tylar Herron 
2. Dylan Walker dnf 
Fast Time – Tylar Herron 5.5410 
Jr. Stock 
1. Dean Thompson 
2. Courtney Crone dnf 
Fast Time – Courtney Crone 5.2020 
Sr. Stock 
1. Cole Custer 
2. Skyler Dale 
Fast Time – Cole Custer 5.0240 
Lt. Mod 
1. Bryant Dawson 
2. Dylan Attridge 
3. Christine Breckenridge 
Fast Time – Dylan Attridge 4.9770 
Hvy Mod 
1. Braden Triguerio 
2. Austin Reay 
Fast Time – Braden Triguerio 5.0870 
Lt. World Formula 
1. Cole Custer 
Fast Time –Cole Custer 5.1090 
Hvy. World Formula 
1. Dylan Walker 
2. Sal Rose 
Fast Time – Dylan Walker 5.0690 
Lt. B 
1. Keith Zimmerman 
2. Bryant Dawson 
Fast Time – Bryant Dawson 4.7870 
Hvy B 
1. Braden Trigueiro 
Fast Time – Braden Triguerio 5.0110 
Lt 160 
1. Dyan Attridge 
2. Clayton Ruston 
3. Skylar Dale 
4. Dean Thompson 
5. Cody LeMore 
Fast Time – Dylan Attridge 5.0640 
Hvy 160 
1. Molly Putnam 
2. Dylan Walker 
Fast Time – Molly Putnam 5.2890 
Jr. Half 
1. Christine Breckinridge 
2. Sale Rose 
Fast Time – Christine Breckenridge 5.0740 
Lt AA 
1. Keith Zimmerman 
2. Bryant Dawson 
3. Daniel Williams dna 
Fast Time – Keith Zimmerman 4.6780 
Hvy AA 
1. Austin Reay 
Fast Time – Austin Reay 4.9060 
-- James M Spink United States Auto Club 
Director - Developmental Series 
p -317-247-5151 ext 220 


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