March Madness - Race #2

(Greenville, IL)  I-70 Quarter Midget Association continued their 2009 racing season with race #2 of their four race, March Madness race series. The weather again cooperated providing a pleasant sunny day for the young drivers to continue to hone their beginning season skills. Fifty-one cars coming from Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana, “signed-in” to compete in March Madness race #2.  Racing continues this Saturday, starting at 12:30 pm. I-70 QMA Speedway is located at the Bond County Fairgrounds in Greenville, IL.  Be sure to visit I-70 QMA’s website at for more information on the March Madness race series, current series point standings or other upcoming events. Admission to the stands and pit areas at I-70 QMA are always FREE!


Jr.  Novice
Feature #1

  1. Jordan Clary
  2. Ty Myers
  3. Cole Winkeler
  4. Elizabeth Pohlman

Feature #2

  1. Blake Haffer
  2.  David Koshinski
  3. Ryan Hamilton (DNF)
  4. Wade Wenthe (DNF)

Sr. Novice

  1. Miranda Bieghler

Jr. Honda

  1. Collin Miller
  2. Bailey Goldsberry
  3. Gavin Graybeal
  4. Kylee Myers
  5. Caleb Gonsalves
  6. Dylan Johnson
  7. Teddy Pohlman
  8. Brad Knepper
  9. Ashton Thompson
  10. Adom Pollock
  11. Cole Tinsley
  12. Jordan Welch
  13. Marc Pflueger

Sr. Honda

  1. Kolby Vandenbergh
  2. Kori Wenthe
  3. Evan Turner
  4. Jake Griffin
  5. Gage Pohlman
  6. Bret Haffer
  7. Carlee Gress
  8. Collin White

Heavy Honda

  1. Garrett Johnston
  2. JD Hopwood
  3. Andrew Stock
  4. Briannah Bieghler

Jr. Stock

  1. Collin Miller
  2. Jordan Welch

Light 160

  1. Carlee Gress
  2. Kolby Vandenbergh
  3. Gage Pohlman
  4. Jake Griffin
  5. Bailey Wenthe
  6. Evan Turner
  7. Ashton Thompson
  8. Kylee Myers (DNF)

Heavy 160

  1. Clayton Gonsalves
  2. Luke Verardi
  3. Garrett Johnston
  4. Tanner Shipman

World Formula

    • Mitchell Davis
    • Jake Griffin
    • Tanner Shipman


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