All the kids had a blast in the Dirt!

Josh Staten and Craig Swartz - side by side in the Heavy World Formula Race event.

Cooper Clouse leads the Heavy World Formula Race.


Mid West Thunder - 'Down and Dirty' Series
Continues at Great Lakes Speedway - Bellevue, Ohio

When most youngsters move up the ladder of racing, it seems that their first step out of Quarter Midgets is to Micros.

In the Ohio / Michigan area, there has never been an option for these kids to race on Dirt. While Terre Haute is one of the best tracks in the midwest for dirt and Hagerstown is probably one of the best tracks out east, many Quarter Midget Driver's from the upper midwest may not get 'dirt experience' unless they make a trip to a Grand National. The new USAC .25 Series has incorporated a Mid West 'Down and Dirty" Series for driver's to 'experience' the Dirt!

"The kids just love it," said Brenda Swartz. "We have been racing Quarter Midgets for a few years now, but my son Craig, can't wait to drive on the dirt." "It's pretty cool," said Ross Rankine.

This event was held Saturday and Sunday with 2 separate race days. Although the car counts present have been near 50, more and more people are talking about giving it a try. The Great Lakes Speedway in Bellevue, Ohio has worked closely with the Quarter Midget drivers. Both Quarter Midgets and Go-Karts shared the race program this weekend.

Thanks to Brenda Swartz and Missy Clouse for their photos.

Saturday - September 26

Jr Honda
1 Wesley Sarget
2 Jackson Sloan
3 Brian Przepiora
4 Jacob Dolinar
5 Jacob Staten
6 Garrett Johnson
7 Ryan Barr
8 Garrett Ottman
9 Jacob Minor

Sr. Honda
1 Jonathon Lesiecki
2 Tyler Meyer
3 Hayden Dickerson
4 Bud McCune
5 Chase Dean
6 Bradley Jameson
7 Myles Chandler
8 Sura Jameson

Hvy Honda
1 Collin Penn
2 Austin Kendal
3 Bradley Jamason
4 Luke Walker
5 Myles Chandler
6 Arica Fleenor

Lt World Formula
Copper Clause
Ryan Fleming
Ross Rankine

Hvy World Formula
Craig Swartz
Josh Staten

Lt 160
1 Ross Rankine
2 Cooper Clause
3 Hayden Dickerson
4 Anthony McCune
5 Tim Ashworth
6 Jimmy Staten
7 Chase Dean
8 Daniel McPherson

Hvy 160
1 Richie Steicher
2 Luke Walker
3 Austin Kendall
4 Josh Staten


Jr. Honda
1 Jacob Dolinar
2 Brian Przepiora
3 Jacob Staten
4 Jackson Sloan
5 Wesley Sargent
6 Garrett Jameson
7 Jacob Miner
8 Ryan Barr

Sr. Honda
1 Chase Dean
2 Bud McCune
3 Hayden Dickerson
4 Bradley Jameson
5 Myles Chandler
6 Sura Jameson
7 Dustin Anderson

Hvy Honda
1 Austin Kendall
2 Luke Walker
3 Bradley Jameson
4 Arica Fleenor
5 Myles Chandler

Lt World Formula
1 Cooper Clause
2 Ross Rankine
3 Ryan Fleming

Hvy World Formula
1 Craig Swartz
2 Josh Staten

Lt 160
1 Cooper Clouse
2 Jimmy Staten
3 Ross Rankine
4 Chase Dean
5 Hayden Dickerson
6 Anthony McCune
7 Tim Ashworth

Hvy 160
1 Austin Kendall
2 Richie Steicher
3 Josh Staten
4 Luke Walker

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