Scotty Key Memorial Event - 2009
"Pacific Coast Indoor"

Does the economy really matter?  Does the valuation of your home really matter?  Does the valuation of your portfolio really matter?  Do your children really matter?  If you have a kid and own a quarter midget come race the Scotty Key memorial.  Spend a weekend with your kid.  Spend a weekend that you will NEVER forget regardless of your results on the track.  Unless you have something better to do…

"I could have missed the pain, but I'd a had to miss the dance."

Quoted from the Garth Brooks song "The Dance” these words truly summarize our feelings for Scotty Key. Scotty Key was just nine years old when he was tragically taken from his family, and the countless people that knew him. Scotty was just starting his racing years and was making even more friends at the races. Making friends seemed to be something Scotty had mastered; he was shy yet outgoing, a unique personali­ty that in fact defines Scotty Key.

Scotty idolized his father, always wanting to be just like him, always wanting to please him. Scotty always wanted to do what­ever his dad was doing. Scott and Scotty spent numerous hours on the golf course, but Scotty really wanted to be a racecar driver like his Dad and his Uncle Johnny. Scotty took his sports very seri­ously and always wanted to do things just right. Scotty Key, in such a short amount of time, gave us so many stories and memories that will always allow him to be a part of our lives.

Scotty stuck pretty close to his trailer at first, waiting to be accepted by his fellow rac­ers. Once Scotty started meeting the other kids, his friendships started to blossom. Those friendships have now turned to memories, but friendships that will be forever cherished. Everyone that met Scotty became his friend. As he became more at ease with the other racers, you'd find him in other trailers involved in Pokemon Card trading, playing playstation, or just bench rac­ing and re-living the events with the other kids. Not surprisingly, Scotty was quickly accepted by every­one, young or old, it did not mat­ter: Scotty touched the hearts of everyone that knew him. He was truly a bright, well-mannered, very mature nine year old boy. For those of us that were fortunate enough to know Scotty, the words to "The Dance" will for­ever be etched in our minds. Every time we hear that song, memories of and tears for Scotty are once again with us. While his death has brought so much pain, Scotty's life which was "The Dance" brought so much joy.  If you've never heard this song, make a point to listen to it, listen closely to the words. Take them to heart, think about your kids, hug them daily, and enjoy "The Dance.”


Special thank you note from Scott Key, for Scotty's Memorial Race…

“I want to thank all of you for the cards, flowers, pictures, prayers and phone calls. The support from the racing community has been overwhelming. Scotty would be so proud and happy for this special day. When we started racing this year, racing became Scotty's happiest times. Scotty was having so much fun doing what he loved, spending time with his family and meeting new friends. I know Scotty is looking down today with a smile on his face, knowing that everyone here is racing and spending time with the people they love. To all the parents; we all know that the world revolves around our children, so today before you leave the track, please give your kids a hug, tell them you love them, and keep Scotty in your thoughts and prayers. We'll make it through this because that is what Scotty would want. Scotty would want us to keep racing, and was looking forward to the day his sister would start. Tiffany Key will start training this winter, with Miranda, (her older sister), as her crew chief. We cannot walk away from the sport Scotty loved so much, and we'll be back in a few months.

Again, THANK YOU! Each and every­one who took the time to participate in this event, I cannot thank you enough for the support we have received. You are like one big family.”

Scott, Monica, Miranda, and Tiffany Key

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