I personally knew Betty Buckwalter. In our days, she was Ashley and Timmy's Grama, but she was there, sitting in the stands, cheering on everyone of those racers on the track. She never missed a day at Hagerstown Dirt Grands events. She was always there to help us distribute Daily Papers. She once told me she kept every copy I had ever written.

She is also the only person that I know that still wrote hand written letters. Every year, after a Grands, I would receive a letter from Betty.

I will miss those letters.

Rest in peace..... Grama Buckwalter....
Our condolences to your family.

Debi Supan and Family

Condolences to the Extended Buckwalter Family

Today, the Buckwalter Family lost one of the many things that make the Buckwalter’s well known in the racing community, Betty Buckwalter. She was a mother, grandmother, a friend, but most importantly a person who put her family and racing first. To many she was known as Betty, she was mom to her 7 kids, Gram to her many grandchildren, Great-Gram to her great grandchildren and to others she was an un-sung hero. Not only was she heavily involved with her grand children’s racing over the years but was focused on her own children’s racing years ago. Which include supporting all 7 of her kids in quarter midgets, Brian, Rick, Sandy, Judi, Bruce, Gary, and Roger. All this was done with the help of her late husband Richard Buckwalter who passed years ago.

As some of them moved down other paths, others started to race their own children. Brian raced Steve and Brian Jr. - Judi raced Ashley. Rick raced Timmy. Bruce raced Bruce Jr and Kim. As they grew up you could spot her at various racetracks, including tracks from Phoenixville or Honey Brooke Quarter Midget tracks to LANCO to Williams Grove to many many more.

When she wasn’t supporting the family tradition she was devoting her time to QMA which was recognized a few years ago by placing her in the Quarter Midget of America Hall of Fame. Often times if you were lucky you could catch a Mini Family reunion when she was in attendance watching her grand children being raced by their fathers and mothers.

She was a fighter til the end, which shows in the racing mentality of how the Buckwalters race. She supported every grandchild’s racing but most notably Steve Buckwalter.

Through her 83 years of life two things stayed consistent, family and as she always said “Racing comes first.”

The Buckwalter’s may have lost their biggest fan but now she is looking over us from up above with her biggest fan, Richard Buckwalter. 

More information coming soon!

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