Two lucky children to receive free season of racing at Blackbird Quarter Midget Race Club!


(January 17, 2010)

Contact information:  Tony Bozowski,



            BFR Motorsports, Neri Hardscape Construction and Blackbird Quarter Midget Race Club (BQMRC) are proud to announce a new program called “The Novice Scholarship” which is designed to allow two families who may not be financially able to compete in the sport of quarter midget racing the opportunity to do so.

            BFR Motorsports Owner, Gary Bozowski explains…

            “With the current economic climate and the fact that traditionally racing is an expensive sport we have identified that some families are left on the outside looking in due to financial restraints.  The goal of this program is to provide two families the opportunity to participate in the sport with very little money out of pocket”

            Families’ interested in this program must fill out an application and include references and a written explanation of why they believe they should be awarded the scholarship.  The lucky winners will receive a race ready car professionally set-up by the team at BFR Motorsports as well as free membership to BQMRC for their novice season.  In addition, the program is looking for partners to be able to provide items such as safety equipment and to help cover the maintenance costs.

            “BQMRC is very proud to be part of this wonderful program” states the owner of Neri Hardscape Construction and BQMRC President, Craig Neri, “My family was so impressed with the program that we are also donating a car for the scholarship program.  We look forward to welcoming the scholarship winners into our family at Blackbird”

            So what’s the driving force behind this program?

            “We are always looking for ways to repay the racing community,” states Bozowski, “We have been in love with and involved with the sport of auto racing for well over thirty years.  A few years ago when “Lil” Gary (Bozowski, Grandson of “Big” Gary Bozowski and son of Tony Bozowski) was diagnosed with leukemia the racing community showed us an overwhelming amount of support and concern.  It was that support that allowed us to make it through that extremely difficult time and “Lil” Gary competes weekly in quarter midget racing and is doing fantastic.  Since then we have tried our hardest to be good members of the racing community and try to ‘pay it forward’ for all the good will we had received.”

            The scholarship will not be entirely free, as the winners are expected to work hard and contribute to the club.  “It’s like when you receive a college scholarship you are expected to maintain your grades.  When you win this scholarship we expect you to make every monthly club meeting and track work detail as well as participate in a majority of the racing events in the season.  We want the winners to understand that the club is supporting them and they need to help support the club.”

            Applicants interested in this program are encouraged to go to or for more information.  In addition, stop by the BQMRC booth at the Motorsports show for more information.


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