Introducing the Animal M-series by Briggs & Stratton built exclusively for Midget Racing

“The M-series is the result of taking proven technology from our OHV racing program and engineering it specific to the needs of our quarter midget racers,” stated Dave Klaus - Director, Briggs & Stratton Racing. “Racers want performance, durability, and long-term consistency. The M-series looks to deliver that from a company active in racing.”

The M-series is built from dedicated tooling and dies used only in the production of racing engines. This is the foundation for long-term consistency. The M-series will go a step further with each engine utilizing a single head casting. Each engine will feature a new ground cam design for easy starting, a digital ignition system with a 6,100 RPM rev limiter to eliminate spring changes, a new control plate design for a drop-in fit, and a carbon-steel, splined crankshaft that mates right up to our 555721 gearbox. Other features include a fire-ring head gasket, Walbro Carburetor, Federal Mogul barrel-ground, eutectic piston, Goetze piston ring set with chrome-faced top ring, and TRW dished valves.

Briggs & Stratton racing engines are EPA exempt, utilize only top-tier vendors, and each engine is hand-built daily in our own dedicated production area to give our customers an incredible value. “If you are interested in our product send us an e-mail - or even better, ask someone who races our products.”
The Animal M-series, 124332 8203-01, will be available for dealer orders September 17, 2010.
For upcoming details on the M-series along with specifications and a complete list of features visit or drop us an e-mail at


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