Honda and USAC Working On Platform Resolutions

Representatives from USAC and Honda North America are working diligently on a 2010 rules package for the USAC .25 Midget Series which utilizes the Honda power plant.  Honda has been a staple in quarter midget racing for several years and is an important platform in the youth orientated series.

A recent change in Honda's engine manufacturing facility has caused some variances in the 120 and 160 engines which both USAC and Honda officials are working to resolve.  While these variances are being worked out the Thailand built 120 and 160 engines will not be allowed for USAC competition as they do not meet tech specifications currently outlined in the rulebook.  In addition, no parts of the Thailand engines will be allowed to be used in the current Honda engine blocks manufactured in Japan. There is current limited stock of the Japanese built engines available through Honda.

Planned production changes in the very near future will again make significant impact on both Japanese and Thailand built 120 and 160 engines which will require longer term solutions to ensure equal and fair competition.

For those with any questions concerning this please contact James at the USAC office at 317-247-5151.

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