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Briggs & Stratton Update March 14, 2013

Press Release:
For immediate distribution 3/14/13

The Briggs & Stratton Racing Sungear with Carbon Steel output shaft now available.
Briggs & Stratton Racing recently unveiled a new sungear design featuring a carbon steel output shaft. "The cost-effectiveness and value of having a stable, dedicated racing program has attracted more and more quarter midget families to our M-series and World Formula programs" stated David Klaus, Director-Briggs & Stratton Racing. "You drive us to make the best products we can and with our gearbox now in its 6th year of proven competition we looked to make improvements to further build on the values you have come to expect from us."
This new sungear is available as part number 555756 as a direct replacement to our current sungear. We have also created a new, complete gearbox kit featuring this sungear, part number 555753.

"I have already been asked if this is a needed "update?" Absolutely not! We have over 6 years of success with our gearbox. This is simply an improvement. We always look to make our best even better. This sungear does not change or obsolete what you have."
Race on!

To find out more information about the Briggs & Stratton 206 Racing engine please
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Briggs & Stratton Racing - David Klaus 3300 Nth.124th St
Wauwatosa, WI. 53222
E-mail -

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More information regarding USAC’s .25 Midget “Generation Next” calendar and event specifics can be found at USAC’s website,

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