Simpson Acquires the Rights for Shock Doctor Eject Emergency Helmet Removal System

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas, Oct. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Simpson Performance Products, Inc. today announced it has reached an agreement with Shock Doctor Sports for the exclusive rights to manufacture, assemble, sell and distribute the Eject Emergency Helmet Removal System.

The light weight Eject Emergency Helmet Removal System can be easily installed into motorcycle and auto racing helmets without changing the fit or feel of the helmet. The system is capable of preventing further neck and spine injuries to a crash victim by providing first responders with a safe method for helmet removal that does not cause unwanted movement to the victim's neck or spine.

Widely used by emergency workers, the system is mandated for AMA Pro Supercross & Motocross, NHRA pro drivers, for all FIA drag racing in Europe, in the IRL and is recommended by NASCAR.

"We are glad to add the Eject Emergency Helmet Removal System to the Simpson umbrella of racing safety products and make sure it continues to stay available to those that want it," said Simpson CEO Chuck Davies. "Effective today the retail price of the Eject Emergency Helmet Removal System is reduced from $59.95 to $49.95 in hopes that this will encourage racers to use it and promote wider usage of the system by safety crews."

"When we decided that this product line did not fit with our long term strategic plans we wanted to make sure it ended up in good hands to continue to serve the racing industry," said Jay Turkbas, the SVP, Marketing & Product Development of Shock Doctor. "Certainly with Simpson's heritage for trusted safety products and excellent customer service we have found the perfect successor."

Details and information about Simpson Performance Products are available at or by calling 1-800-654-7223. Since 1959, Simpson Performance Products has been the leading manufacturer of safety equipment for the Motorsports industry. Simpson is the first American company to manufacture an FIA 8860 helmet. Simpson believes in putting safety first, and we are dedicated to elevating the standards of racing safety through continuous development, refinement and testing. The one thing that remains constant is Simpson's commitment to racer safety.

CONTACT: Debbie Bishop, Vice President of Marketing, (704) 662-3366,

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