Briggs Racing Announces Savings Bonds for 2008 Grand National Event

Milwaukee, WI
Since the Briggs and Stratton World Formula Class came into Quarter Midget Racing, they have supported their racers. "We are so pleased with the continual growth we are seeing in the World Formula Classes across the country," said David Klaus. Klaus, Briggs Racing Manager has been a hands on participant in getting the World Formula Class it's well deserved recognition. In 2006, the largest World Formula Class was at the Western Grands in Topeka, Kansas with 29 cars. In 2008, there are already over 40 cars registered for the Eastern Grands in Meridan, Connecticut.

Once again, Briggs Racing will award the top 5 at each of the 3 National events, with Savings Bonds. The amounts, $500, $400., $300, $200, $100. can be used for education purposes as the drivers grow older. "We like to give back to our racers", commented Klaus. "These driver's and their families have dedicated themselves to this class and we are only getting more and more positive feedback. We are hoping to see the numbers continue to increase."

More and more Quarter Midget Clubs are seeing full fields of World Formula racing at both the Regional and Local levels.

Briggs Racing would like to wish all the drivers good luck for the 2008 National events.



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