Here is the Track Update!!
  • The Track has been formed for Concrete!!!! (See the attached photo). Thank You to Toby Cornell's Contractors!!! (Driver Hayden Cornell's dad).
  • There is a bit more finish grading that will take place tomorrow.
  • Friday the contractor will start laying the wire mesh and rebar for the Concrete. Thank You to Toby Cornell's Contractors!!! (Driver Hayden Cornell's dad).
  • The Concrete is scheduled to take 3 days of pouring next week.
  • For those wondering, the Rain tonight won't hurt the Track.
  • Friday, another contractor will be grading the area for the Snack Bar, Tower and Grand Stands. Thank You to Toby Cornell's Contractors!!! (Driver Hayden Cornell's dad).
  • Monday, they will be finish grading the parking lot. Thank You to Toby Cornell's Contractors!!! (Driver Hayden Cornell's dad).
  • Fencing around the track is scheduled to follow after the concrete is poured. Thank You to Toby Cornell's Contractors!!! (Driver Hayden Cornell's dad).
  • I met with Darryl Johnson today (Jacob Johnson's uncle - Driver Jakob Johnson's Dad). Darryl has a contractor that is going to donate a concrete slab for our entire Snack Bar, Tower and Grand Stands area!!!!!!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!
  • Darryl is also going to help install the water line across the Speedway's pits to our Site. Thank You to Jack Crone (Driver Courtney Crone's dad) for helping set this up.
  • Penhall Company came yesterday and cut the asphalt across the speedway's pits and is donating the equipment to dig the trench to install the water and power over to our site. Thank You to Garry Attridge (Drivers Dylan & Luke Attridge's dad)!!!
  • The Tower has a nice corian counter top that was donated by Julie and Brian Zimmerman (Driver Keith Zimmerman's parents) and was installed by Mark William (Driver Micah Williams dad).  Thank You Julie, Brian and Mark!!!
  • Don Wright (Driver Maverick Wright's dad) is working on getting all the items for our Snack Bar. Thank You Don!!!!
  • We would also like to give a Huge Thank You to Chris Van Veldhuizen (Driver Austin Van Veldhuizen's dad) for quickly arranging 33 truck loads of aggregate base to be delivered to the track in less than a 24 hour period. Thank You for coming to our Rescue Chris!!!!!
  • And, a Huge Thank You to Glen Tyson (Driver Bryan Tyson's dad), who works with Ken Thompson!!!! Glen has made an enormous amount of phone calls to help organize the construction and to get other companies to donate equipment, gas, time, etc... to our club. He has also drove a lot of the equipment during the construction and helped get all the debris, concrete, asphalt and trash off our site! Ask him about the battle with the huge Bee Hive in the dead tree at the south end of our site!  We truly appreciate all your time and effort that helped get this track built!!!!
  • The Biggest Thank You of all goes to Ken Thompson, Inc.!!!!! Ken Thompson (Driver Dean Thompson's dad) has given above and beyond for us to have a new track!!!!! Most tracks across the country were dug by the dads with shovels. Our track was built by the Best Professionals in the Construction Industry!!!! He had to deal with a huge dump site to get started, and a lot of debris, asphalt, concrete, large tree trunks and telephone polls. We have had some delays due to rain, soils issues and the holiday, but Ken Thompson, Inc. did not give up or walk away from the job, even when it took a lot more time and a lot more money than expected. He handled every issue that came up and fixed it!!! We are so fortunate to have Ken's family in our club and to have had him build us our track!!! We will all be appreciative forever for everything you have done to make this happen for Orange Show Quarter Midgets!!!!! Not only are we going to have a new track, but it will be state of the art and the fastest track in the country!!! Thank You again for handing over a beautiful, perfect track for children to race on Forever!!!!!
  • Do to some of the unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the schedule to pour the concrete had to be moved several times. We all wanted to make sure all steps necessary were done before the track was ready for concrete. It will be an awesome track for our children when finished!! Do to the schedule, we have chosen to move the "Ernie Bose Race" scheduled for April 18-20th to a later date (to be announced). We all want to make sure the 1st "Ernie Bose Race" on our new track is Perfect!! We are sorry for any inconvenience, especially to those who are coming from out of town to race with us. We promise when we have this race it will be the Best Ever and Fantastic for Everyone!!
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