2009 Grand National Dates and Venues are Announced

Congratulations to the Huntsville QMA Club that was awarded the 2009 Eastern Grands.
Their Grands will be the 2nd event of the year and will run from July 19 - July 25, 2009.
The Huntsville Club has been in existance for many years, but recently constructed a new track.
Mr. James Wall was at the National Meeting and was so excited to be there when
his club received this honor.
"Alabama in 2009"

Congratulations to the Langley QMA Club who was awarded the 2009 Western Grands.
The club has held the National event before, lastly in 1999 and before that in 1995.
The event will run from June 28 - July 4, 2009.
The club has a nice facility and this event will enable drivers and their families
to travel outside the US.
"Just a side note.... it takes much longer these days to apply for a passport.
It's not too early to apply now. Call your local Post Office or apply On-Line
for more information.

"Langley in 2009"

Congratulations to the Terre Haute Club who was awarded the 2009 Dirt Grands
for August 2 - August 8.
This club has hosted the race many times.
They have great support from a very strong sponsor - Terre Haute's First National Bank.
The track is always maintained and has a strong history in the community.
"Terre Haute in 2009"


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