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The original press release referenced an incorrect SAE paper. The correct document is SAE Technical Paper Series 2004-01-3513.

Atlanta, Georgia (March 13, 2008) – Recently, allegations have been made that the HANS Device does not work in side angular impacts. This is simply not true. It is contrary to proven results. Such distortions confuse and deceive the racing public.

Independent testing, supported by General Motors Racing, Wayne State University and Safety Solutions, Inc., has demonstrated that HANS Devices reduce maximum neck tensions by over 35% in 60-degree "side" impacts in a typical racecar set up (SAE Technical Paper Series 2004-01-3513.)

HANS Performance Products CEO Mark Stiles said, "We are not aware of any substantial independent side impact testing on products that try to compete against HANS Devices, but we have seen competitors continually try to deceive racers with marketing spin."
Stiles added, "SFI tests include a 30-degree "side" impact. The best performance we have seen reported by competitors here is 20% worse than we achieve with HANS Devices in recent tests."

He continued, "Representatives from HANS Performance Products, Hendricks, ISP and The Joie of Seating, did observe some 90-degree "side" impact testing conducted at the end of last year by Delphi for NASCAR. We all witnessed how the HANS Device worked as the tethers grabbed the helmet."

The best side impact performance is achieved with an SFI or FIA approved head and neck restraint, a good harness system, seats that have hip and shoulder support, and a lateral head support system. The latter can be built into the seat or achieved using special side nets.

HANS Devices are #1 for winners, performance and vision. Details and information are available at or by calling 1-888-HANS-999 or 770-457-1046.



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