JANUARY 9, 2009

The United States Auto Club’s new .25 Midget Series will compete in 2009 on a spec tire from Hoosier Racing Tire of Lakeville, Ind. Approval of the tire followed extensive testing, assuring the series of a reliable American product which would serve to curtail costs for families as well as create a level field of competition for young racers.

“The selection of Hoosier as he manufacturer of our new spec tire came after careful evaluation of tire quality, raceability, costs, engineering and marketing support,” said USAC Developmental Racing Director James Spink. “After review and discussion with host .25 clubs, Hoosier was the overwhelming choice for USAC. Working with Hoosier means working directly with manufacturers and with them in our backyard it provides a big plus toward insuring quality in delivery and supply of tires for our participants.”

Hoosier Racing Tire offers over 50 years of race tire development, including local technical support from specialized product managers who are in daily contact with engineers uniquely assigned to the .25 line. USAC members will also benefit from Hoosier’s extensive network of 13 distributors throughout the United States and Canada. Additionally, ample tire supply throughout the season will be guaranteed, with USAC controlling tire specs to which Hoosier will commit to maintaining the highest quality and consistency, while supplying trackside support in their effort to have a hands-on approach to USAC .25 as it grows and develops.

“Hoosier is proud to augment its affiliation with USAC and providing products for its .25 Midget competitors extends our commitment to the sport,” added Hoosier’s VP/Marketing Dennis Sherman. “We look forward to the benefits our tires will offer to USAC’s members and to working with them to make their racing experience more rewarding. It is our hope that during these difficult economic times that “Made in America” still invokes pride and confidence in a domestically-made product.”


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