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There are some high dollar stock engines floating in QMA.  We have run stock for many years and are sick about what is going on.  Would you be kind enough to print this letter so that many will get some of this information.  You can change it or add to it as you want, but we just want people to know what is happening with stock.


New Stocker Engines; Will they kill another class of racing for QMA?

Did you attend any of the National Events this summer?  Did you happen to notice a “few” Stocker Engines that seemed to be just “all out” faster than the majority?  Did you see a few drivers in fact, lap other cars in B and A Main events?  When was the last time you saw that?  What is happening with Stocker Engines in QMA?
Quarter Midget Racing has been around for a very long time.  Honda Engines came into the sport in 1993.  When almost every Novice starts racing, they start with a Honda 120 in their car.  When the race team decides they want to move out of Novice, into Junior or Senior Honda and possibly run an additional class, they usually choose the Stock Class.  That is their first experience (or entry level) with DECO power plants.  The DECO classes are the “roots of Quarter Midget Racing.  Some of the older members remember big classes at local, regional, and national events.  Of course, that was before Honda Engines were allowed.
Before 1993, a new racing family would spend about $1,000 on a front running stocker.  Rumors are flying that there are some “very fast” Stocker Engines that showed up at the Grands this year.  ARE they LEGAL or are they good for Stock Racing?

There is something called “port work”, being done.  Now port work isn’t illegal in the sanctioning body rule book, but at the 2006 National Meeting, there was a moratorium on any changes to the Stocker Engines.  Port work aligns the ports and enhances performance of these engines. You can hear the difference between an engine that has had the port work, and one that has gone untouched, (Stock). These engines with the port work, will rattle like a Mod, and will run circles around the non-modified Stockers, as was witnessed at the Eastern and Western Grands.  There was a vendor at the Dirt Grands selling ceramic pieces?  The Titanium Axle was challenged for a year and the Carbon Fiber Axle was disallowed in QMA.  Now the possible use of ceramic bearings in engines along with the port work, and additional ceramic items, ceramic coatings, etc .…. WHERE DOES IT END?
What does this mean to the family that goes out and spends $6,000 for one of these “new – ultra fast” engines, if the organization makes changes?  And what does it mean to the family who works on their own engines and just wants to take their kid to race at a local or regional level? 

Where will all of this end?  Should there be a claimer in Stock Classes beginning in 2009?  Should a restrictor be placed in all Stock Engines beginning September 1, 2008? 
What happens to the engine that now runs up front, if changes are made?

Do racers in QMA want another BIG VALVE B program that many believe have killed the ‘AA class.  There were 4 Light ‘AA racers at the 2008 Dirt Grands. 

Does the National sanctioning body know about these engines from TECH at the Grands this summer?  No one seems to want to discuss this matter. 

 Please contact your Club President and Regional Directors to ask them about these changes being allowed to take place and what they think it will do to the Stock and Mod Classes and our pocket books.  Ask them why a 5 year moratorium has only been enforced for 2 years.  It is your QMA and it is your money!

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