The New Orange Show Quarter Midget Track
was born on May 10, 2008.

Check their website for schedules and more information.
It was a gala party, complete with a catered lunch, massive burritos and cheese pizza's (Felipes Famous Burritos and Pat & Oscars Cheese Pizza) and chips
and cake and cupcakes and soda's and water.
Orange Show you spared NOTHING.

Opening Ceremonies lasted 58 minutes as every company was introduced that donated to make the new Orange Show Club happen.
It is truly a beautiful track.
Little 6 year old Dean Thompson was the first car to take the track. His dad, Ken Thompson, donated his company to the creation of this facility, as well as
Ed Borges from Over and Over Ready Mix who donated over $100,000. in concrete alone. Many others donated to this awesome facility and everyone one of them was presented with a placque of appreciate along with applause from the huge crowd that came to the Opening Day. Greg Cozzo was the first to be recognized for his promotion efforts via his local radio show and his press releases to news outlets in the city and to many other racing organizations.
Kandice Attridge was recognized over and over by members and contractors and Joe Ganino of Orange Show. "It was truly a miracle" said Attridge. Ganino presented Kandice a placque telling her the club would now have a Kandice Attridge award each year for those who demonstrate dedication in the club. The award of recognition brought tears to Ms Kandice (as the kids call her), as she accepted it graciously. Later that day, someone asked if she would be experiencing
"Post Track Depression" on Monday morning!

Josh Christie, was the 2nd driver to hit the surface. Check back for video interviews.

If you missed it................ YOU missed out.
Incredible speeds.............. YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE. I personally would not have believed it, if I wouldn't have seen it myself.
I wanted you to see what this tach read told us. This Mychron4 was mounted on the car of Keith Zimmerman powered by a Doug Lindow
prepared Lt Mod. The photo is quite large, so please wait a moment for it to load. (photo by Debi Supan)

Then about an hour later...... Daniel Williams came out in another Lt Mod and broke that 5 second mark with a 4.99 sec time. Later still, Keith Zimmerman came out in his Lt 'B car and posted a time of 4.93. The new Orange Show Quarter Midget Speedway is fiercely fast!
Now YOU can come to Orange Show to try to go fast..... Next weekend - May 18, is the first club race.
This day will mark the FIRST Track Records for the new Orange Show Speedway.
June 6 - 7 will be the Region 11 Race Event
August 16th will be the Ernie Bose World Record Race - Lucas Oil will be sponsoring the filming for a national broadcast!
Will YOU be there!!!!!!!

"The new track looks huge," was a familiar saying as people stood atop the bowl at Orange Show Speedway. The new track is actually 1 foot wider than the old Pomona Track. We were told that since Pomona was paved with asphalt it might have looked smaller. But because the OS track is all concrete it looks giant.
Think about the reality of all of this. Not one donation from these companies was less than $5,000. The club itself raised $40,000. What a dedicated group of hard workers who pulled together to realize a dream!
The club wants to thank the follow:
All the Amazing Drivers!-- Pomona Members who wouldn't give up!
Orange Show Fairgrounds --
Ken Thompson, Inc. --- Over & Over Ready Mix
Mission Ready Mix ===Black Hawk Security
Rialto Concrete Pipe--- Johnson Cat
Cornell Custom Homes --- Allstate Materials
Foddrill Construction --- Alexis Oil
The Haas Foundation --- All Cities Fence Co.
Lucas Oil --- Ortega Construction
Superior Concrete & Masonry --- Forkert Engineering & Surveying
J-cal Trucking Co. --- Mission Ready Mix
Champion Electric --- Petra Geotechnical, Inc.
Penhall Co. --- Neff Rental, Inc.
Sudhakar Co. --- Carlson Masonry
Jim Reed --- Darrol Johnson
Shafer Family --- Wright Family
AC Byers Trucking, Inc. --- Frank O’Brien & Jim Morris
Unlimited Landscaping --- Awesome Club Members

The club itself, raised over $40,000 in funds themselves. The club will have a loan of $10,000.
They pay a monthly rental fee to the Orange Show organization of $500. In addition, their water, utilities, and other expenses at the speedway, including rent, will amount to $1,000. This group of dedicated club members feel that with their new club and the exposure it gets from the big track, those expenses won't be difficult.
The Wright Family donated a complete kitchen. The concession stand is a dream.... complete with an ice maker, food warmer, a commercial refridgerator, freezer, and cooking equipment. Check out the first photos on the first day of Orange Show Speedway.
Quarter Midget Racing is back in Southern, California.

All photos courtesy of Mike Arthur and US Photographics
click here to see all the photos
"coming soon"

Look at the "High Banks" of the
New Orange Show Speedway -
Home of the Ernie Bose World
Record Race. The fastest track
across the land!

The Thompson Family - Ken Thompson Concrete

Pictured in the colorful Hawaiian Shirt is Ed Borges of Over & Over Concrete along with Brian (white shirt) and Josh Christie. Mr. Borges concrete copany donated over $100,000. is concrete to the speedway!

Kandice Attridge walks the new track with young Dean Thompson showing him where to "drive the line" when he would be the first car out. Kandice was honored for her work and dedication for leading a huge work force to complete the track (in 4 short months). A placque will be hung in the tower in her honor.

Little Dean Thompson makes the first lap on the track!

Ken Thompson gives the first checkered flag

Former Indy Car driver - Ed Borges hands the flag to Josh Christie

Everyone gathered before the first car (Novice Racer Dean Thompson) took to the high banks of Orange Show

In the center of the brick finish line lays the signature Orange Show brick surrounded by 4 bricks from the starting line of the Pomona Track. Older members of the Pomona Track were recognized for "staying the course" and helping revive a new Quarter Midget Track for Southern, California

The banks are high and wide.... at Orange Show. Many will come to attempt to tame this track!

Side by side racing will be very competitive at the new Orange Show Speedway

The track is a bit dusty
on the first day,
but many are here practicing.
The drivers love the track!
Every driver came off the track
with a smile and an enthusiastic WOW!
on their face.

Joe Ganino (right) of Orange Show Speedway, now a Quarter Midget Dad, is seen here with his dad.
If it wouldn't be for Kandice Attridge approaching Joe Ganino about Quarter Midget Racing,
the new
Orange Show wouldn't be there.
Joe MADE it happen.
He not only made it happen, but he became PART of it.
His uncle, Sam Ganino, ran with his son AJ, back in the 90's.
QuarterMidget racing is alive again in Southern, California
at Orange Show Speedway.


The pit area is very spacious in additon to having a wall step-up for handlers to view the entire track.
The club spent $14,000 for the wall barriers.
The club is so very grateful for their many blessings...but they still have a "WISH LIST"
They will be bidding for the 2010 Western Grands and will be working towards
a covered staging area
(currently temporary)
covered tech area and digital scales.

Greg Cozzo was the first dignatary to be introduced. He has promoted the new track on his racing radio show as well as writing press releases that were run in many local newspapers as well as ASA

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