Vega tires dominate the QMA Western Grands.
With temperatures as high as 100 degrees, Vega tires win every class at the QMA Western Grands in California. 
The performance of Vega tires was so outstanding that every competitor on A-Main day raced with Vega tires. 
On qualifying day, every track record was set on Vega tires. 

Vega tires have now won all 30 classes in the 1st 2 rounds of the QMA Grands. 
Vega provided the prestigious "Vega Champions Hat" to all the winners along with contingency awards for the top 3 in the A Mains. 
Make sure to have Vega tires for the last round of the QMA Grands in Taylorville, IL. 
Vega tires can be purchased from one of the dealers listed at


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