Races Limited to 10 Dates Aug. 1 - Sept. 7

WALL TWP -- Members of the Garden State Quarter Midget Racing Club have been sprucing up the "Little Wall" Speedway
track Sunday and have been spreading the word about their limited reopening since July 16.

"We've sent an e-mail announcement to all of the Quarter Midgets of America Region One tracks, including the two in
Connecticut, this weekend," said GSQMRC President Wayne Wilson, of Old Bridge. "We want people to know that we're
going to run five weekends from Aug. 1 to Sept. 7. Most of our members have stopped racing or have gone out to other
tracks fuel permitting."

The GSQMRC is to run races on the one-20th-mile "Little Wall" 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. between Aug. 1-2 and Sept. 6-7.

Practice is to be available 4-9 p.m. the Thursdays and Fridays beforehand.

"We took a vote at our general meeting at the Neptune City American Legion July 17," said Wilson. "We voted that the
racing will be for fun only - not for points or trophies. On our last day, Sept. 7, we''ll have something special planned."

The GSQMRC's reopening for a limited summer run was the result of an agreement between club officers and the four
Wall Township Speedway General Partners July 16. The agreement, made before State Superiour Court Judge Thomas
W. Cavanaugh, Jr. at the Monmouth Couty Hall of Records in Freehold, was formed with some strict operational rules.
Those restrictions include:

-- 8 p.m. weekend and 9 p.m. Thursday-Friday curfews are to be strictly observed.

-- Participants and spectators are confined to the club facility's fenced-in area and adjacent gravel parking lot. No
one is to venture further onto the 48.46-acre WTS property or the woods.

-- Participants and spectators are to sign insurance waivers on their entry.

-- No bicycles, skateboards, scooters, inline or roller skates, mopeds or motorcycles are permitted on premises.

"There will be a representative of the track owners present as a chaperone," said Wilson. "Anyone found with the above items at
the track risks having the track immediately shutdown and without any warning."

The four WTS partners had allowed the GSQMRC to start its season March 29-30 after announcing that "Big Wall" - the 57-year- old banked paved one-third-mile speedway - would remain closed March 14. The ownership cited insurance concerns, however, for suspending the club's season after holding its Garden State Classic opener.

"Our arguement was that we had their word that our separate insurance policy was sufficient to continue racing it was printed in
'Area Auto Racing News' (of Trenton)," said Wilson of how the matter arrived at Judge Cavanaugh's bench July 8 and 16. "Their arguement was that the property is up for sale and there were some liability issues."

Quarter midgets are 3- to 5- horsepower vehicles run by children 7- to 16-years-old. The vehicles are scaled versions of the full roll caged midget and sprint front engined open wheel cars found throughout North America.

Club details and updates are to be found at gsqmrc.homestead.com,

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