Race Results

Joe Galante Memorial Race Event
Good Times Club - Madera, CA
March 8, 2008

Jr Novice - (Fast Time - Maverick Wright) Maverick Wright, Chris Hernandez, Brady Beck, Teyha Abrahams

Jr Honda - (Fast Time - Danny Allen) Danny Allen, Travis Alfonso, Bryce Napier,
Kyle McKenney, Clayton Ruston, Dustyn McKenney, Kyle Loveless, Garrett Boe

Sr Honda - (Fast Time - Reid Shaw) Reid Shaw, Coryne McKenney, Emma Tucker,
Dillon Tucker, Haily Abrahams, Bryson Tyson
Will Martyn, Coldon Beck

Hvy Honda - (Fast Time - David Napier) David Napier, Justin Williams

Jr Stock - (Fast Time - Kyle Loveless) Danny Allen, Travis Alfonso, Carson Triguiero, Michael Wagner, Kyle Loveless, Garrett Boe, Cody Jessop, Dean Thompson

Sr Stock - (Fast Time - Bryan Tyson) Bryan Tyson, Emma Tucker

Lt Mod - (Fast Time - Derek Galante) Derek Galante, Brayden Triguiero,
Daniel Wlliams, Danny Allen

Lt 160 - (Fast Time - Reid Shaw) Reid Shaw, Dalton Hill, Carson Triguiero,
Dillon Tucker, Nathan Banaag, Wil Martyn

Hvy 160 - (Fast Time - David Napier) David Napier, David Cox

Lt 'B - (Fast Time - Daniel Williams) Derek Galante, Matthew Wright,
Brayden Triguiero, Daniel Williams, Dalton Hill

Lt 'AA - (Fast Time - Tristan Guardino) Tristan Guardino, Matthew Wright,
Josh Christie

Special Thanks to Michelle for providing the results.

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