Race Results

Garden State QMA
2008 Opening Day

Wall Township, New Jersey

Following are the results from Garden State Quarter Midgets
“Garden State Classic” held on their
2008 Opening Weekend Saturday and Sunday, March 29 & 30, 2008

There was lots of great racing and some NEW Track Records!

Total 79 Cars

Jr Novice
Fast Time: Trevor Rizzo 8.876

A Main: Trevor Rizzo (Hometown Northfield NJ), Johnny Thissen,
David McCrone, Mikayla Carr, Johnny Blewett

Jr. Honda

Fast Time: Brandon Grosso 7.976 New Track Record

A Main: Brandon Grosso (Hometown Belle Meade NJ), Nick Peroni,
Joey Jarowicz, Kyle Richards, Anthony Payne, Charlie Kremer,
PJ Spernal, Jacob Nelke

B Main: Kyle Richards, Charlie Kremer, Anthony Payne, PJ Spernal,
Justin Keratis, Cameron Michaels, Spencer Rain, Dylan McCrone

C Main: Spencer Rain, Dylan McCrone, Cameron Michaels, Justin Keratis,
Luke Akers

St Honda

Fast Time: Jeremy Doll 7.394 New Track Record

A Main: Joey Bailey (Hometown Helmetta NJ), Jeremy Doll, Derek Krum,
Louis Keratis, Carly Piazza, Glenn Slocum, Robert Silver, Jonathan Flagg,
Brendon Hyer, Brian Osborn

B Main: Carly Piazza, Glenn Slocum, Jonathan Flagg, Branden Hyer,
Brian Osborn, Jordan DeDea, GK Kellstrom, Craig Nodine, DJ Dudich,
Travis Schwarz

Heavy Honda

Fast Time: Miranda Carr 8.347 New Track Record

A Main: Brianna Page (Hometown Brick, NJ), Zach Haspel, Miranda Carr,
Megan O’Toole, Frankie Thissen, Trevor Schwarz

Jr Stock

Fast Time: Jacob Nelke 7.707

A Main: Brandon Grosso (Hometown Belle Meade NJ), Jacob Nelke,
PJ Spernal, Joey Jarowicz

Light Mod

Fast Time: Sammy Piazza 7.066

A Main: Sammy Piazza (Hometown Lawrenceville NJ), Brendon Bock, Jeremy Doll,
Derek Krum, Samantha Evans, Robert Silver, Joe Ryan Osborn,
Brandon Grosso, Jonathan Flagg, Jordan DeDea

Light 160

Fast Time: Joey Bailey 7.083

A Main: Louis Keratis (Hometown Toms River NJ), Samantha Evans, Glenn Slocum,
Megan O’Toole, Joey Bailey, Sammy Piazza, Devon Rudow, Jack Ely, Nick Peroni,
Ashley O’Toole, Tyler Thissen

Heavy 160

Fast Time: Zach Haspel 7.251

A Main: Brianna Page (Hometown Brick NJ), Zach Haspel, Sara Locascio,
JR Fulper, Brett Casey

Light B

Fast Time: Jeremy Doll 6.735

A Main: Jeremy Doll (Hometown West Creek NJ), Sammy Piazza, Joe Ryan Osborn,
Brendon Bock, Brianna Page, Glenn Slocum

JR Half

Fast Time: Miranda Carr 7.444

A Main: Sara Locascio (Hometown Carmel, NY), Miranda Carr, Brett Casey


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