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2009 Eastern Grands - Hosted by Huntsville, Alabama Club

Jr Honda Champion - Brennan Spencer
Harrison Burton, Jaxon Bishop, Dustin Davis, Joey Jarowicz, Leah Wilcox, Jeremy Mauro, Blaze Johnson

Sr Honda Champion - Christopher Tullis
John Ruggiero, Quinnton Bear, Jason Irwin, R. Jordan Black, Jared Reid, Garrett Jones, Nicholas Snyder DQ Tech,
Jared Irvin DQ Tech, Nicholas Wilt DQ Tech

Hvy Honda Champion - Anderson Bowen
Mac Bradford, Mikey Drotos, Martin Tuck, Cole Howes, Kyle Mumer, Michael Fanelli, Zach Gorski, Seth Ramey, Zach Caldwell

Jr Stock Champion - Harrison Burton
Joey Jarowicz, Logan Wenneshimmer, Dustin Davis, Tyler Blake, Michael Bennett, Leah Wilcox, Nathan Brinker DQ

Sr Stock Champion - Bryant Dawson
Trenton Besgrove, Jesse Holt, Joshua Jackson, Payton Zellers, Alex Wilcox, Michael Melair, Matt Swanson, Ty Fiser, Cayden Lapcevich DQ

Lt Mod Champion - Travis Stedman
Cayden Lapcevich, Bubba Lofton, Kris Lederer, Nolan Allison, Brendan Bock, Nicholas Wilt, Trent Besgrove, Alex Murray, John Ruggiero

Hvy Mod Champion - Michael Fanelli
Patrick Perone, Harlee Schaffer, Nicholas Bailey, Blaze Gerenda, Matthew Hughes, Kristopher Hobel, Brook Diegel, Kyle Zimmerman, Mick D'Agostino

Lt 160 Champion - Christopher Tullis
John Ruggiero, Jared Reid, Jason Irwin, Tyler Schullick, Adam Wilcox, Harrison Burton, Alex Murray, Garrett Jones, Nicholas Wilt DQ

Hvy 160 Champion - Martin Tuck - Hunstville, AL
Josh Pepe, Zach Donatti, Jared Fryar, Cannon Konzer, Tyler Robinson, Jarid Kunkle, Michael Fanelli, Kaitlyn Stanley,
Rich Speeney DQ

Light 'B Champion - Tyler Schullick - North Carolina
Kris Lederer, Cayden Lapcevich, Frankie Nervo, Brendon Bock, Bryant Dawson, Justin Peck, Joe Ryan Osborne, Nicholas Drake, Zachary Hampton

Hvy 'B Champion - Jarid Kunkle - Pennsylvania
Glenn Slocum, Domenic Melair, Patrick Perone, Dawson Loehner, Nicholas Bailey, Sidney Ross, Taylor Crouse, Harlee Schaffer, Jared Marks

Lt 'AA Champion - Kris Lederer - Pennsylvania
Tyler Schullick, Frankie Nervo, Mackenzie Urish, Brendon Bock, Erik Newcome, Quinnton Bear, Joe Ryan Osborne,
Justin Peck, Zachary Hampton

Hvy 'AA Champion - Ryan Blaney - North Carolina
Patrick Perone, Jarid Kunkle, Katlyn Stanley, Sidney Ross, Domenic Melair, Liam Ryan, Zach Donati, Josh Albertson, Dawson Loehner DQ, Jared Marks

Half Champion - David Mikitarian - Connecticut
Dan Dembeck, Liam Ryan, Martin Tuck, Trey Richardson, Tyler Reeser, Adam Wilcox, Ryan Blaney, Jennifer Fillip, Matthew Hughes

World Formula Champion - Nicholas Drake - North Carolina
Travis Skarvi, Bailey Jones, Zach Donatti, Jeremy Culver, Ryan Blaney, Jared Fryar, Cole Howes, Tyler Reeser, Blaze Malcom DQ

NASCAR Stars Kids Take Grand National Wins
You've heard the names..... Jeff Burton..... Dave Blaney....
This week it's their kids day in the sun.  Harrison Burton won the Junior Stock Championship while Ryan Blaney took the Heavy 'AA Championship.  Martin Tuck, of Huntsville, was the only home town driver to take a championship.

The week-long event took place at the newly built Huntsville, Alabama QMA club.  The facility is new but the club has been in existence for over 50 years.  The weather during the week was welcomed and pleasant, but Friday and Saturday brought the normal hot and humid weather of the south.  Champions were crowned with a huge display of trophies around midnight.


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