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.25 Midget "Little Hoosier 100" Newton Park Race Event

Jr Rookie
1) Garrett Weil
2) Jacob Miner
3) Carson O'Bryan
4) Evan Gregory
5) Zach Cullen

Sr Rookie
1) Dustin Anderson
2) Ashley Dunnuck

Jr Honda
1) Tyler Garner
2) Jacob Stickle
3) Kaden Atkins
4) Garrett Jameson
5) Wesley Sargent
6) Austin Nigh

Sr Honda - 100 lap Main Event
1) Gage Walker
2) Logan McPherson
3) Ross Rankine
4) Caleb Cagle
5) Daniel McPherson
6) Austin Nemire
7) Mox Price
8) Griffen Brown
9) Nick Schaffer
10) Callie Wolsiffer

Hvy Honda
1) Josh Daugherty
2) Emmy Gray
3) Bradley Jameson
4) Kyra Yard

1) Daniel Hall
2) Travis Ford

Lt 160
1) Cooper Clouse
2) Ross Rankine
3) Daniel McPherson
4) Caleb Cagle
5) Mox Price
6) Zane DeVault
7) Austin Nemire
8) Tyler Orr
9) Erika Newcome
10) Logan McPherson

Hvy 160
1) Sydney Arnett
2) Nigel Mathias
3) Andrew Kurjack
4) Luke Walker

Lt 'AA
1) Callie Wolsiffer
2) Austin Nemire
3) Gage Walker

Hvy 'AA
1) Ryan Fleming
2) Emmy Gray

The Light and Heavy 100 Lap World Formula Race Event was rained out. It will be run at Kokomo at the Generation Next Event.

Newton Park is an awesome place for kids. Bob and Joyce Newton and their Hoosier Racing Family have done an exceptional job, putting on this event. Close to 60 cars made the trek up to Lakeville, Ohio for a very well run show. Mother Nature paid a visit to Newton Park about 3 pm. USAC decided to have the Hoosier Team run the trophy program under the Hoosier Tent. The podium was painted... you guessed it... purple! Even the flowers at the base of the podium were purple. Everyone who attended the event, will surely mark their calendars for next year. Great things to come from Newton Park and Hoosier Racing Tire.

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