The 2011 USAC MOPAR ‘Generation Next” Point 25 Midget Series
Opened In Arizona


The 2011 USAC MOPAR Generation Next Point 25 Midget Series Opened this weekend with the "Duel in the Desert" event at the Valley of the Sun Club in Phoenix, AZ. There were 133 Cars in attendance with families traveling from CA, NM, MI, IN,OH, GA, FL, and NC. This was the largest car count to come to South Mountain in the last few years. The weather was incredible with temperatures in the 90's and gorgeous afternoon desert sunsets. Heat races and lower mains were run on Saturday after 2 rounds of practice.

Main events were Sunday, wrapping up with Victory Lane celebrations by 2:30 in the afternoon. Gold, Silver and BronzeMedals were given to the top 3 drivers in each class as well as all of the Rookie drivers went home with participation awards.Winners were decorated with MOPAR hats in Victory Lane as well as Briggs Champions receiving Briggs hats. Tech was thorough as USAC brought in additional personell from 3 hrs away after a Ford Focus race event on Saturday night. Young Ross Rankine, of Ohio, further solidified the USAC Ladder System success by running the USAC Ford Focus event at Havasu Speedway on Saturday night, winning the main, and then jumping in his QuarterMidget on Sunday, taking a win in Briggs Heavy World Formula. Other winners at "Duel in the Desert" were Tyler Clem-Florida, Jr Honda, Maggee Miller-AZ, Sr Honda, Nicholas Snyder-FL, Hvy Honda, Austin Snyder-AZ, Briggs Jr Animal, Cameron Morga-NM, Briggs Sr Animal, Michael Fanelli-NM, Briggs Unrestricted Animal, Bryant Dawson-AZ, Mod, Carson Hocevar-MI, Jr Stock, Tyler Ankrum-CA, Lt 160, Amber Matich-AZ, Hvy 160, Aaron Doty-CA, Red Rookie, Grant Bradbury-AZ, Blue Rookie, Skyler Dale-CA, 'B, Garrett Jones-FL, Briggs Lt World Formula, and Bryant Dawson-AZ, Hvy 'AA.

The Valley of the Sun Quarter Midget Club was the place that formed the beginning careers of USAC drivers Jerry Coons, Jr and J.J. Yeley, (both USAC Triple Crown Winners), and USAC drivers Jeremy Sherman, Chad Boat and RJ Johnson.
This race also served as the first event of the Machine Tools Supply, "Southwest Series" and continues with events in Albuquerque, N.M. and San Bernardino, Calif. To be eligible for points, USAC’s Mopar .25 Midget participants must compete in all three designated “Southwest Series” events. Following the March 11-13 Phoenix event are the April 29-May 1 “Road RunnerHigh Desert Classic” in Albuquerque and the May 6-8 “Western District Qualifier” at the Orange Show in San Bernardino. The series now moves to Nashville, Tennessee, March 25 - 27, 2011, for Round #2 of the Generation Next National Series.

"The Phoenix Club had their facility in tip top condition for their race event", said USAC Development Director, James Spink. They hosted a very nice dinner, for participants, Saturday evening after the races. This season looks to be very competitive after such a great start at Phoenix".

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1. Tyler Clem – FL
2. Carson Hocevar
3. Logan Heath
4. Zeb Wise
5. Tyler Garner
6. Austin Snyder
7. Kaden Felker
8. Drake Edwards
9. Caden Deason
10. Estevan Silvas

1. Maggee Miller - AZ
2. Cameron Morga
3. Austin Nemire
4. Tyler Ankrum
5. Luke Attridge
6. Tiffany Rose
7. Clayton Wise
8. Daniel Anderson
9. Jared Irvan
10. Zane Almon

1. Nicholas Snyder - FL
2. Casey Buckman
3. Brandon Sutton
4. Wil Raber

1. Austin Snyder - AZ
2. Drake Edwards
3. Carson Hocevar
4. Caden Deason
5. Anthony Doty
6. Tyler Lupinek
7. Tyler Garner
8. Zeb Wise
9. Logan Heath
10. Kaden Felker
11. Tyler Clem

1. Cameron Morga - NM
2. Garrett Jones
3. Matt Campbell
4. Skyler Dale
5. Michael Atwell
6. Austin Nemire
7. Harrison Burton
8. Hayden Dickerson
9. Wil Raber
10. Jared Irvan
11. Zachary Scarberry
12. Jaydon Shafer

1. Michael Fanelli – NM
2. Garrett Tait
3. Ross Rankine

1. Bryant Dawson - AZ
2. Tyler Ankrum
3. Cameron Morgan
4. Clayton Ruston

1. Carson Hocevar – MI
2. Logan Heath

LT. 160
1. Tyler Ankrum - CA
2. Garrett Jones
3. Cameron Morga
4. Clayton Ruston
5. Austin Nemire
6. Matt Campbell
7. Skyler Dale
8. Austin Ahumada
9. Jared Irvan
10. Maggee Miller

HVY. 160
1. Amber Matich - AZ
2. Connor Dry
3. Mark Miller
4. Casey Buckman
5. Branden Sutton
6. Christian McGillvray
7. Bryant Dawson
8. Nicholas Snyder

1. Aaron Doty - CA

1. Grant Bradbury - AZ
2. Kaiden Stewart
3. Devon Strader
4. A.J. Imperial, II
5. Jake Freidman
6. Seth MacDonald
7. Kaylee Stewart

1. Skyler Dale - CA
2. Amber Matich
3. Dean Thompson
4. Bryant Dawson

1. Garrett Jones - FL
2. Michael Atwell
3. Austin Ahumeda
4. Jake Sernett
5. Harrison Burton
6. Hayden Dickerson
7. Jaydon Shafer
8. Jared Irvan

1. Ross Rankine - OH
2. Nicholas Snyder
3. Casey Buckman
4. Mark Miller
5. Michael Fanelli
6. Conner Dry
7. Caleb McGilivry
8. Wil Raber
9. Bailey Sernett
10. Cole Custer

1. Bryant Dawson - AZ
2. Cole Custer
3. Michael Fanelli
4. Ross Rankine
5. Bailey Sernett

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