2011 "Western Grand Nationals" hosted by the Washington Club
Everett, Washington

FIRST Briggs & Stratton Junior Animal Grands Champion EVER...
Jacob Andreotti and Crew with Briggs Racing President David Klaus.
History is Made!

Jr Animal - Jacob Andreotti, Sr Honda - Nicholas Howard, Hvy Honda - Makenzie Buller, Jr Stock - Ryan Kislingbury, Sr Stock and Lt 'B - Adam Pechman, Lt Mod - Tyler Ankrum, Hvy Mod and Hvy 160 - Ryan Jones, Lt 160 - Tanner Holm, Hvy 'B - Emily Spencer, Lt 'AA - Sean Syth, Hvy 'AA - Sidney Ross, Half - Peter Link, Briggs Lt World Formula - Colton Price, Briggs Hvy World Formula - Kayla Pittman. Opening Ceremonies on Wednesday!

Meet the Voice of the Western Grands (click here)
Meet David Klaus, Director - Briggs and Stratton Racing (click here)
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Results of the 2011 Western Grands

Jr Animal - Jacob Andreotti, Famous Rhodes, Anthony Ehle, Dario Retych, Cole Kooy, Aaron Lano, Matthew Stafford, Devon Borden
Sr Honda - Evan Woodske, Jason Hillyer, Kyle Mitchell, Kaden Holm, Justin Brave, Blake Bower, Luke Domenico, Colton Peters, Maggee Miller, Nicholas Howard
Jr Honda - Famous Rhodes, Ryan Kislingbury, Aaron Lano, Devon Borden, Isabella Reed, Ritchie Fenton, Kole Raz, Jacob Tuttle
Hvy Honda - Rich Speeney, Makenzie Buller, Kale Woodske, Casey Buckman, Lindsay Barney, Connor Lorenz, Shawn Rogers, Brandon Sutton, Austin Weber, Aaron Feagin
Jr Stock - Ritchie Fenton, Ryan Kislingbury, Kole Raz, Kaylee Esgar, Jacob Andreotti, Joseph Hilton, Joey Ancona, Jacob Tuttle
Sr Stock - Cooper Smith, Connor Snow, Kaitlyn Hammer, Kyle Loveless, Katie Jacobson, Hunter Crum, Chase Ostman, Brooke Schimmel, Kaden Holm, Adam Pechman
Lt Mod - Chase Ostman, Luke Domenico, Tanner Holm, Tyler Ankrum, Matthew Howard, Cooper Smith, Thomas McCarthy, Harrison Canfield, Brooke Schimmel, Andrew Loveless
Hvy Mod - Casey Buckman, Ryan Jones, Rich Speeney, Shawn Rogers, Ross Mahoney
Lt 160 - Nicholas Howard, Jacob Andreotti, Tanner Holm, Blake Bower, Luke Domenico, Tyler Walker, Maggee Miller, Evan Woodske, Tyler Ankrum, Sean Syth
Hvy 160 - Ryan Jones, Alexander Peck, Rich Speeney, Makenzie Buller, Cameron Neisinger, Cory Rogers, Gracin Raz, Kale Woodske, Hannah Lindquist, Jacob Woods
Lt 'B - Peyton Reed, Tyler Walker, Nicholas Stafford, Blake Bower, Garrett Boe, Chase Ostman, Adam Pechman
Hvy 'B - Ty Fiser, Gracin Raz, Cody Walker, Emily Spencer, Nicholas Bailey, Ross Mahoney
Lt 'AA - Thomas McCarthy, Tyler Walker, Adam Pechman, Sean Syth, PeytonReed, Connor Snow
Hvy 'AA - Ty Fiser, Sidney Ross, Dawson Loehner, Ross Mahoney, Nicholas Bailey
Jr Half - Peter Link, Ross Mahoney, Kyle Zimmerman, Blake Wood, Dawson Loehner, Lindsay Barney, Anthony Duran, Kayla Pittman, Kale Woodske, Chris Torgalski
Briggs Lt World Formula - Colton Price, Tanner Holm, Tristan Haider, Thomas McCarthy, Katie Jacobson, Isaac Abenroth, Evayn Marquez, Sean Syth, Jacob Woods, Alex Deaver
Briggs Hvy World Formula - Ty Fiser, Ryan Jones, Alexander Peck, Kale Woodske, Cody Walker, Gracin Raz, Kayla Pittman, Cory Rogers, Max Schroeder, Sidney Ross

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