USAC .25 Midget "Generation Next"
Dirt Triple Crown
with USAC 4 Crown Event at Eldora Speedway

  Winners at USAC Honda .25 Dirt Tour Finale at Eldora – from left
Back row – Briggs Danner, Brittany Erlsten, Jacob Stickle, Aaron Leffel
Middle – Jake Cheatham, Andrew Layser, Beau Brandon
Front – Jake Garcia


For Immediate Release – USAC Honda .25 Dirt Tour Finale at Eldora and USAC Acquires 3 New Tracks for 2014

Indianapolis – September 26, 2013… The 4 Crown Weekend at Tony Stewart’s Eldora Speedway served as the finale for the 2013 .25 USAC Honda Series.  Practice was held at Little E on Friday until 5 pm.  All the young drivers were awarded complimentary admission to the on track festivities at the big track.  Saturday heats and lower mains were accomplished even though Mother Nature had sent sporadic rain showers, but again, the .25 drivers were guests for the USAC Silver Crown, Sprint and Midget events. 

Sunday morning came the mains that would decide the Dirt Tour Champions.  Several young drivers were up early sporting autographed Bryan Clauson and Dave Darland Sweatshirts and T-Shirts.  “These kids love racing at the same place as these big USAC drivers,” said a friend of both Brittany Erlsten and Hanna Flood.  “Look at everyone here wearing their favorite stars shirts!”

Rico Abreu was the victor in the Honda National Midget race, while Chris Windom doubled up winning both the Amsoil Sprint Car feature and Traxxas Silver Crown event.

It was a late night for the .25 Drivers but A Mains began Sunday morning with better weather and loads of anticipation.  “This event was the culmination of our 4 Race Dirt Series Tour,” said Kyle McCain, Director.  “We wanted to give these young drivers, who are mostly dirt racers, the chance for a National Series where they could shine.  It’s been a terrific experience, both for the drivers, families and our staff.  Going to West End and Montgomery County in PA were both new venues for our staff, but many of the drivers race there several times a year.  We’ve visited both Hagerstown and Eldora in the past and they continue to be top notch places to hold races.” The USAC Dirt population is continuing to grow with the following clubs joining the USAC Family.  Blackbird, Montgomery County and the South Jersey Clubs will now sanction with USAC in 2014.

Logan Heath made the trek all the way from Arizona for the Dirt Races.  “It’s 1980 miles one way for us; basically 2,000 miles,” said dad, Don Heath.  Logan was tied last year for the National points, so the family attended Eldora for the ‘Gen Next’ finale.  “It is Logan’s Birthday weekend.  It’s his choice.  We do this one dirt race a year and we love it, but the icing on the cake is that we love Sprint Car racing so we get an awesome weekend.”    The Heath’s grew up watching local Sprint Cars at Manzanita and whenever they can get to see a National Sprint Show, there is no question where they will be.  “We were excited, this is our first year out of the Junior Classes.  Our goal was to make an A main.  We started in the back of the 160 Class, with 28 cars.  And most of the drivers were all dirt guys.  We’ve raced the whole National Tour for the last couple of years and we only knew 4 people here. We only raced 2 cars leaving our Sr Animal at home. With 7 laps to go in the World Formula, running 3rd, Logan came to the corner too hot.  He spun the 2nd car and then came back to finish 8th.    We took 7th in the Lt 160 event.  We made the A mains in both classes and watching National Sprint Cars was our highlight! 

The event was a winner for the .25 USAC Honda Series with 179 cars in attendance.

There were six (6) Blue Rookies for the weekend,  the newest drivers in the series, with Beau Brandon taking the checkered flag.  Steven Snyder, Jr won the Jr Honda event, Andrew Layser took top honors in Sr Honda, and Jake Cheatham was the Lt 160 Winner and Mod was won by  Bryan Zyck,  Briggs Sr Animal winner was Logan Jones, Aaron Leffel took the Briggs Un-restricted Animal main, and Briggs Danner won the Lt World Formula race coming from the C Main.   

Brittany Erlsten, was the only multiple winner taking the top spot in Hvy Honda, Hvy 160, and Briggs Hvy World Formula Classes.   Little Jake Garcia got his first National win in the Briggs Jr Animal class and Jacob Stickle was also a first time Tour winner in Heavy AA. 

The next big event for the youngest USAC drivers is their participation with the IndyCar Grand Prix of Houston weekend, October 4 – 6.  Pre-Registration is now open at


Blue  Rookie  -  Feature #1

  1. Beau  Brandon
  2. Preston  Lattomus
  3. Noah  Dininger
  4. Randy  Stover
  5. Hunter  Banonis  
  6. Ainsley  Potter  

Jr.  Honda  –  A Main

  1. Steven  Snyder,  Jr.
  2. Christian  Bruno
  3. Adrianna  Delliponti
  4. Jacob  Denny
  5. Emerson  Axsom
  6. Jackson  Hickox
  7. Chase  Burda
  8. Jake  Garcia
  9. Jayce  Piper
  10. Aiden  Purdue  

Jr.  Honda  –  B Main

  1. Jake  Garcia
  2. Christian  Bruno
  3. Jacob  Denny
  4. Jayce  Piper
  5. Alek  Andrecs
  6. Judson  Miller
  7. Bradan  Andrecs
  8. Bryce  Massingill
  9. Casey  Smith  
  10. Gavin  Danner  

Jr.  Honda  –  C Main

  1. Jayce  Piper
  2. Casey  Smith
  3. Judson  Miller
  4. Bryce  Massingill
  5. Riley  Emig
  6. Katelyn  Hettinger  
  7. Elwood  Carroll  
  8. Ty  Turner  

Sr  Honda  -  A Main

  1. Andrew  Layser
  2. Briggs  Danner
  3. Dylan  Norris
  4. Michael  Thompson
  5. Justin  Adams
  6. Zach  Curtis
  7. Jesse James  Bartleson
  8. Jeffrey  Bosley
  9. Scott  Lee
  10. Joey  Amantea  

Sr  Honda  -  B Main

  1. Zach  Curtis
  2. Joey  Amantea
  3. Jeffrey  Bosley
  4. Scott  Lee
  5. Jacob  Balliet
  6. Charlie  Allen
  7. Gracie  Hixon
  8. Mackenzie  Hixon
  9. Rayce  Rudy
  10. Aaron  Hawks   

Sr  Honda  -  C Main

  1. Joey  Amantea
  2. Gracie  Hixon
  3. Jeffrey  Bosley
  4. Charlie  Allen
  5. Albert  Lafountain
  6. Daniel  Guarino
  7. Matthew  Hollon   
  8. James  J.J. Horstman   

Hvy.  Honda  -  A Main

  1. Brittany  Erlsten
  2. Kenny  Miller
  3. Matthew  Hopkins
  4. Hanna  Flood
  5. Christopher  Scank
  6. Renay  Stover
  7. Jordan  Welch
  8. Taylor  Kehoe
  9. Elizabeth  Moreland
  10. Jo Joe  Carroll   
  11. Tanner  Reed   

Lt.  160 – A Main

  1. Jake  Cheatham
  2. Briggs  Danner
  3. Connor  Gross
  4. Kyle  Craker
  5. Andrew  Layser
  6. Jess James  Bartleson
  7. Ray  Kaable
  8. Billy  Koch
  9. Logan  Heath
  10. Jacob  Balliet   

Lt.  160 – B Main

  1. Briggs  Danner
  2. Kyle  Craker
  3. Andrew  Layser
  4. Ray  Kable
  5. Michael  Thompson
  6. Brian  Place
  7. Aiden  Purdue
  8. Kylan  Norris
  9. Jackson  Hickox
  10. Scott  Lee

Lt.  160 – C Main

  1. Dylan  Norris
  2. Jackson  Hickox
  3. Ray  Kable
  4. Scott  Lee
  5. Chase  Burda
  6. James  Jj  Horstman
  7. Zach  Curtis
  8. Adrianna  Delliponti
  9. Mackenzie  Hixon   

Hvy. 160 – A Main

  1. Brittany  Erlsten
  2. Hanna  Flood
  3. Austin  Bellemare
  4. Brian  Zyck
  5. Blaike  Bracelin
  6. Travis  Smith
  7. Kenny  Miller
  8. Renay  Stover
  9. Jared  Leffel
  10. Matthew  Hopkins   

Hvy. 160 – B Main

  1. Blaike  Bracelin
  2. Jared  Leffel
  3. Travis  Smith
  4. Renay  Stover
  5. Angel  Delancey
  6. Cayton  Hornberger
  7. Blake  Hindle
  8. Saxton  Chopko
  9. Rayce  Geary   
  10. Tanner  Reed   

Briggs  Jr.  Animal  -  A Main

  1. Jake  Garcia
  2. Alek  Andrecs
  3. Aiden  Purdue
  4. Christian  Bruno
  5. Casey  Smith
  6. Christian  Bruno
  7. Bradan  Andrecs
  8. Steven  Snyder, Jr.   
  9. Gavin  Danner
  10. Jacob  Denney   

Briggs  Jr.  Animal  -  B Main

  1. Gavin  Danner
  2. Bryce  Massingill
  3. Jacob  Denney
  4. Alek Andrecs
  5. Adrianna  Delliponti
  6. Chase  Burda
  7. Emerson  Axsom   

Briggs  Sr.  Animal  -  A Main

  1. Logan  Jones
  2. Brian  Place
  3. Jake  Frye
  4. Connor  Gross
  5. Jake  Cheatham
  6. Sam  Burroughs
  7. Michael  Thompson
  8. Levi  Crowl   
  9. Blaise  Baker   
  10. Kenny  Miller   

Briggs  Sr.  Animal  -  B Main

  1. Sam  Burroughs
  2. Jake  Frye
  3. Michael  Thompson
  4. Blaise  Baker
  5. Joey  Amantea
  6. Jacob  Balliet
  7. Jeffrey  Bosley
  8. Mason  Magee
  9. Kyle  Craker   
  10. Charlie  Allen   

Briggs Sr.  Animal  -  C Main

  1. Joey  Amantea
  2. Jeffrey  Bosley
  3. Charlie  Allen
  4. Kyle  Craker
  5. Ray  Kable
  6. Gracie  Hixon
  7. Corey Ann  Smith
  8. Justin  Adams   
  9. James (Jj)  Horstman   

Briggs  Un Restricted  Animal  -  A Main

  1. Aaron  Leffel
  2. Logan  Huggler
  3. Jakob  Piper
  4. Christopher  Scank
  5. Jordan  Welch
  6. Sam  Kravitsky

Briggs  Lt.  World  Formula  -  A Main

  1. Briggs  Danner
  2. Andrew  Layser
  3. Mason  Magee
  4. Kyle  Craker
  5. Jake  Frye
  6. Hanna  Flood
  7. Ryan  Barr
  8. Logan  Heath
  9. Connor  Gross
  10. Jake  Cheatham   

Briggs  Lt.  World  Formula  -  B Main

  1. Kyle  Craker
  2. Jake  Frye
  3. Briggs  Danner
  4. Logan  Heath
  5. Jesse James  Bartleson
  6. Sam  Burroughs
  7. Ray  Kable
  8. Jacob  Balliet
  9. Calvin  Carroll
  10. Caden  Hoyt

Briggs  Lt.  World  Formula  -  C Main

  1. Briggs  Danner
  2. Ray  Kable
  3. Caden  Hoyt
  4. Sam  Burroughs
  5. Logan  Jones
  6. Billy  Koch
  7. Bradley  Ashford
  8. Blaise  Baker   
  9. James  (Jj) Horstman   

Briggs  Hvy.  World  Formula  -  A Main

  1. Brittany  Erlsten
  2. Jacob  Piper
  3. Gunner  Lucius
  4. Jacob  Stickle
  5. Levi  Crowl
  6. David  Crossman
  7. Brian  Zyck   
  8. Austin  Bellmare   
  9. Blake  Hindle   
  10. Sam  Kravitsky   

Briggs  Hvy.  World  Formula  -  B Main

  1. David  Crossman
  2. Sam  Kravitsky
  3. Jakob  Piper
  4. Austin  Bellmare
  5. Travis  Smith
  6. Billy  Lasko
  7. Rayce  Geary   

Lt. Mod  -  A Main

  1. Bryan  Zyck
  2. Calvin  Carroll
  3. Dalton  Andrews
  4. Nikki  Carroll
  5. Chase  Burda   
  6. Drew  Miles   

Hvy. AA  -  A Main

  1. Jacob  Stickle
  2. Christopher  Scank



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