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Introduction to Quarter Midget Racing


Quarter Midget racing is a competitive sport for children ages 5 - 16; however, the whole family is invited to get very involved with dad as Crew Chief and Mechanic, mom working in the Tower helping score races, and big brothers and sisters working in the snack bar. Lots of little brothers and sisters can be found playing all day in the race-car trailers and motorhomes.


The cars are essentially ¼-scale Midget race cars. Unlike Go-Karts, Quarter Midgets feature full four wheel independent suspension and full roll cages. Seat belts and shoulder harnesses are mandatory. Power comes from a 120-150cc engine, which specifications are closely set by the national governing board and enforced at each local club race by officials. The tracks are 1/20 mile banked ovals comprised of dirt, concrete, and asphalt surfaces.


The benefits are virtually immeasurable:

  • It's a family sport - all races are staffed and run by family volunteers from local tracks.
  • Drivers develop physical skills such as coordination, timing, alertness, basic mechanical theory.
  • Internal strength is developed through sportsmanship, self-reliance, accomplishment and recognition.
  • It's just plain fun!


Since it's start in the 1930's in the Los Angeles area, Quarter Midget racing is now held in virtually all 50 continental United States and in Canada.


Depending on what part of the country you find yourself in and what type of track surfaces are available, there is quarter midget racing going on somewhere 12 months out of the year! Most races are held on weekends, with the annual "Grands" championship races taking place over three weeks each summer; one for the East, one for the West, and one for the Dirt championship!

How (much?)

Many second-hand cars in good condition can be found and are perfect for starter cars. The cost can run from $700 for an older used car, to nearly $3000 for a brand new car set up for the upper, faster classes. Stock motors range in price from below $500 to well over $3000 for a motor that has a reputation for winning at the national level events. Local clubs can often put a smart shopper in touch with a member offering a package deal of a used car, motor and gear.

How (do I get my child involved?)

By clicking here, you can find a local club in your area. You are welcome to visit their track, meet the members and racers, and watch a race. Many clubs have training programs, where your child can actually learn the rules and how to drive the car before ever being placed in a competitive situation. These programs are HIGHLY recommended - for your child's safety, and the safety of other drivers on race day. Some clubs provide all equipment needed for training, so you can check out the sport without investing your own money in a car or personal safety gear. There are many clubs affliated with a sanctioning body but many that are run at local venues sometimes afflicated with the track itself.


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