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Quarter Midget Racing

How To Get Started In Quarter Midget Racing

By Fred McNeill

Looks Interesting? Think your son or daughter would enjoy this sport? Then the next thing to do is look on the clubs page. If the club closest to you has its own home page click on it to get further information on that club. Most will have a description of the track and a race schedule. If they do not have their own home page then call the number listed with the club. Usually the phone number will be the club president's number. He/she will give you further information on how to proceed.

Many clubs have a training car or cars. This car generally serves two purposes-it is used so your child can try it to see if they will like it BEFORE you buy a car. The other use of the training car is to give your child lessons on the proper driving technique on the track.

Once your child has been through driver training it will be necessary for you to purchase your own car. Members of the club will help you to find a car suitable for your child. You may want to check the Online Classified for used Cars or the Quarter Midget Drive-Thru for New Car Dealers. It is not necessary to purchase a new car but it is important that the car you do buy is fully operational. It is very difficult to start racing with your child and have to rebuild the car at the same time. You should be able to find a decent car for approximately $1700 with a motor. And, with the introduction of the new Honda motor for novice and stock classes, the cost of racing for a year will be minimal.

The most important part of your childs racing education is practice, practice, paractice. There is no substitute for practice. Your child must become so comfortable in the car and with their pattern on the track that the pattern and position of the car relative to the race track and wall becomes second nature . Only when they become very comfortable with this will they be able to start concentrating on competitive racing. Most clubs will give you a key to the track when you join so you can go out whenever you want to practice.

What Else will I Need Besides a Car

To start with, you will need a way to transport your race car to the track. Some people use a station wagon, others put it in the bed of a pick-up and many racers have trailers ranging from small converted utility trailers to 40 ft. gooseneck trailers. There even was one ingenious dad who put the race car in the bay of the bus he had converted to a motorhome. It depends on how serious you are and your financial capabilities. Again, if you are looking for a trailer ask the club members or check the classified, they usually know where to find them.

In the East most of the racers and their families stay in motels when they go out of town races. In the West many of the famlies have motorhomes and stay right at the track.

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