The Orange Show Speedway was created when the historic Pomona Track losts it's location after many years of existance. Pomona hosted an annual event called the Ernie Bose World Record Race. The shape and design made the track the fastest Quarter Midget Track in existance. Because of it's banking, it provided Quarter Midget Racers the chance to experience thrilling speeds and track conditions like no other track in the country. Each year, Track Records were established and broken and established again. It was the first track to ever record 5 second laps.

Many were sad when Pomona lost it's track in 2007. But through the hard work and dedication of many and the graciousness of the Promoters of Orange Show Speedway, in Riverside, CA., a NEW World Record Quarter Midget Track is now evolving. Watch it step by step as it is built.


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