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USAC News Release - Little Hoosier 100
.25 Midgets at Newton Park (more)

*Special thanks to Laney, Paula and Chris.... You all did a fantastic job!

News Swirled that the USAC .25 event might be off.....
But no one told the Hoosier People at Newton Park. Trailers are rolling in, driver's are signing in - and the whole park is alive....
Signs on the marquee's all over the town and people walking towards the park make it apparent that something very special is happening in Lakeville. Come one..... come all. Friday and Saturday - Kids are having Fun in Race Cars at Newton Park! Watch for more photos.
Press Conference
Race Results

Count Down for Hoosier Tire Event - Newton Park (more)
Monday.... the track becomes reality
Tuesday - Sound, Supplies and Water...
Wednesday - it was more preparation.... marking the track and setting up the Grandstands!
Thursday - even more work.... getting tents set up, trailer parking and other misc duties
Newton Park starts on Friday!

Irish Saunders (center) surveys the track set-up

Shane Hollingsworth (former 1/4 Midget Driver) won the Hoosier 100 this year! He came to Newton Park to celebrate with the kids. He is interviewed by "Cowboy" Paul Szmalz

Color Guard begins Opening Ceremonies

Bob and Joyce Newton with "Cowboy" the announcer during Opening Ceremonies

Sparky the clown puts some fireworks in the program!

Bob Newton greets Mr and Mrs Johnny Capels.
Mr Capels is the USAC Chairman of the Board.

Command Post (Tower) at a USAC event.

Gage Walker won the 100 lap - Senior Honda
Hoosier Mini 100 Race

The Hoosier Semi arrives with the track from Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Piece by piece, block by block, fencing sections...
it's all coming together for Newton Park!

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