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QMA is the primary sancationing body for Quarter Midget Racing.

The governing body of QMA started in Los Angeles Calif. in the 1930ís. Itís operated by volunteers and has over 2300 families with over 3000 drivers throughout the Continental U.S. and Canada.

The racers compete on a 20th of a mile dirt or asphalt oval. Cars are powered by Continental, Deco, Briggs & Stratton, and Honda engines. With all engines competing together in the novice class. The Honda engines have their own class, while Deco, Continental and Briggs & Stratton compete all together in the Super Stock Class. Our Mod, "B" and "AA classes use the Deco engine and components.

The ages of our drivers range from 5 to 16 years.

Competing Classes

Novice SuperStock Honda Stock Modified "B" Modified "AA" Modified 4 cycle Ĺ midget

Our Novice and Honda classes are divided by are restrictions, (5 to 8 years for junior divisions - 9 to 16 for senior divisions).

Our Modified, "B" and "AA" classes are divided by Driver Weight categories.

All classes have minimum car weight and all Heavy Classes have a minimum combination weight of car and driver and safety equipment.

Racing seasons vary throughout the continent. Eastern and Central States begin racing in early Spring and end in late October early November. One of our Florida clubs hosts an annual Christmas week race. Western states clubs and Canadian Clubs run March through November.

There are 3 national championship events each year in late July, Early August, and Labor Day weekend.

The average cost of a Quarter Midget is $2500.00. Used cars start under $1000.00 and the top of the line brand new car can cost as much as $5000.00. Costs of engines varies greatly. A brand new Honda engine can be purchased and made ready to race for around $400.00. The Deco engine is a more expensive and more technically demanding engine and is the only approved engine for the Mod, "B" and "AA" classes.


Novice training is mandatory for all drivers. A very comprehensive novice training program has been developed and is maintained by our 13 Regional Directors with support from the National Board. The drivers are trained first in the basic operation of the cars and safety equipment and then receive instruction on the actual racing skills. When the driver has successfully completed novice training he/she is permitted to compete in the novice racing program which is a full race program for beginning drivers. When the drivers demonstrate complete and total competence they are moved to our stock or Honda classes in which they can continue to perfect their skills and are permitted to compete for a National Championship Title.

Additional Information

As a result of the newly adopted low cost, entry level Honda program our organization is realized a tremendous growth spurt.

Our national racing format is gradually being adapted to accommodate the increase in participants. Practice and Timing procedures are being streamlined to afford more time for Racing at our National Championship events.

The growth and forward progress of our organization can be attributed to a good working relationship between the National Board of Directors and the 13 Regional Directors as well as tremendous support and cooperation by the membership.

Have no fear our sport is very safe. Our children are safer in their race cars than they are in football, soccer, field hockey, bicycling, skate boarding, or roller blading. Our safety record is squeaky clean. As a reference, our tracks pay an average of $5.00 per driver each year for medical coverage for all drivers, pit crew personnel and race officials.

Admission is free at all events. For information on the Race Track nearest you and information on how to get started in this family sport, contact the Regional Director closest to you!

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